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Text Box: Foot Scanning

· Aids doctor in determining possible sources for problems and pain.

· Allows a custom orthotic to be produced individual to your problem areas and needs.

· Proper weight bearing alignment assessment and arches of the foot.

A computerized foot scan above is analyzed for problems, left sided figures are from an actual patient, right sided pictures are ‘model’ or example of proper biomechanics and weighting. The computer colorizes and digitizes the scans, showing areas of increased pressure/weight bearing and outlining probable bone position problems as well. Notice how the colorized images on the right have red (indicating pressure) noted from top to bottom, compared to the right. A reduction of the natural arches in the foot is also present, showing probable sources of foot and back pain in this patient, which were successfully addressed by the use of orthotics and chiropractic adjustments.

Part of an actual foot scanner output for analysis.

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