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Instrument adjusting can be used instead of or in concert with manual adjusting. There are several advantages to Impulse™ instrument adjusting, including a more gentile adjustment, a faster impulse or frequency of thrust (faster than muscular guarding contraction to stimulation) and the benefits of nervous system stimulation by adjustment is still accomplished.

A 2005 study which was published in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics compared adjusting instruments and Impulse™ was shown to have multiple advantages to other chiropractic adjusting instruments. This study compared the forces, speeds, and frequency of six commonly used chiropractic adjusting instruments including Impulse™. The study showed both a broader range of forces to select and a superior frequency ratio of electromechanical adjusting instruments over the more common spring-loaded activation devices, the Impulse™ was also found to be twice as fast as the spring-loaded activation devices over all settings, showing a mechanical and stimulatory advantage of Impulse™  adjusting compared to other traditional instrument adjusting.

Impulse™  can be used on more sensitive patients, elderly, pregnant women and children who are more sensitive to manual adjusting, or anyone who may have anxiety about cervical manual adjustment. Although manual adjustment has been shown to be safe and a recent medical study concludes “We found no evidence of excess risk of VBA stroke associated chiropractic care compared to primary care.” (SPINE Volume 33, Number 4S, pp S176–S183, 2008) and at worst the risk is very low compared to taking over the counter aspirin for serious complications (21 and 24.8 cases per million, 8/26/2005 American Journal of Gastroenterology), Impulse™  adjusting is available for anyone with anxiety or concerns. Ask the doctor for more information.

Impulse Instrument Adjusting

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