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Text Box: Auto Accident Injury Care

Treatment of automobile accidents became a personally charged issue to me after my own automobile accident many years ago. A truck hit my vehicle on the freeway, and I went to the emergency room for evaluation. I was released with a prescription for painkillers and muscle relaxants, told I had a “whiplash injury” and released. The painkillers and muscle relaxants given by the medical doctor did not seem to be helping. To make matters worse, I had symptoms disrupting my vision, which the medical professionals insisted were just a normal part of a concussion following a motor vehicle accident. Without relief, I went to our family chiropractor who adjusted my back and neck. I started to experience relief from the pain, but I still was experiencing problems in my vision. After another consultation with a medical professional who again downplayed the symptoms and stated it was “normal”, I mentioned this to my chiropractor. My family chiropractor was concerned about the symptoms and told me I should go to a specialist, these were not normal symptoms. After my evaluation at the Ophthalmologist, I was rushed into surgery to save my vision! The symptoms I was experiencing were due to a retinal detachment which happened during the accident. I was very impressed with my chiropractor for essentially saving my vision and relieving my back and neck pain when medical doctor treatment did not help, and I became interested in becoming a chiropractor myself.


Automobile accidents are not only one of the most common injuries, but the most disruptive to life and unique in the wide range of injuries and types of injuries sustained. It is common for people to experience pain, discomfort, loss of concentration and dysfunction. Many of these symptoms are not immediately experienced following the accident, some starting several hours to days after an automobile accident, which is surprising to many people. Symptoms can last from several weeks to months, years, or even life time, depending on the extent of injury and the type and amount of care received.  Chiropractic and massage are used to restore health to the body, reduce the symptoms and future effects of a whiplash type injury, and many report a faster recovery as well.


Automobile injuries, and “whiplash” injuries can be hard to diagnose directly after an accident and the symptoms are not always obvious or even present on initial evaluation. Since most critical care hospital medical doctor initial evaluations are many times designed to make certain there is no threat to life, but do not necessarily go in depth into a systematic evaluation of function, pain, and other symptoms, it is common to have an evaluation result of “normal” and be released from care, yet still have pain and dysfunction following your motor vehicle accident. 


We recommend anyone with an automobile injury to come to our office for a detailed examination as soon as possible, since containing the effects of inflammation and damage following an injury can be crucial during the first week following an injury.

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