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Text Box: Balance Testing

 Help prevent falls which can severely impair life for the elderly.

 Balance is key in sports, strength and power.

 Training is incorporated to improve balance and coordination.

Why Balance Testing?

Balance testing is utilized to provide a window into the brainís function, aiding the practitioner in the formulation of treatment protocols to not only help restore physical balance, but healthy brain function.† As our population enters later life, balance disorders and falls can present one of the most serious health concerns. Several recent studies place falls as one of the most serious and under-addressed health concerns. Two recent studies place the risk of falling at between one third to 16% of adults 65 years and older, and of those experiencing a fall, an average of 1.9 falls over the year. According to the recent CDC study (Mor Mortal Wkly Rep CDC Surveill Summ 2008;57:225-229 ), injury rates resulting from falls are approximately 35.7% for women, and 24.6% for men. With nearly 6 million falls reported in a year, this comprises a serious public health concern.

Postural analysis and balance testing.

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