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Initial balance testing is always free!

Text Box: Balance requires integration of many of the bodies senses (including proprioceptive input, joint position and vestibular input), balance testing is an important window to identify sensory, postural and joint problems.
Text Box: Balance Testing##

Foot problems can cause back pain & postural problems.

A computerized scan of your foot’s weight distribution and contours is taken and analyzed for weight bearing disbalance, structural and alignment problems.

Text Box: Foot Scanning###

A wide variety of custom made orthotics is available.

Utilizing computerized analysis of your foot and individual weight bearing pattern and posture, custom orthotics are used to help correct problems in alignment and help reduce, prevent or eliminate foot and back pain.

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Text Box: Contact the office for a proven weight loss system supervised by the doctor. Weight loss advice and recommendations can be as simple or as involved as you prefer in your consultation, the more components you include and follow, the better your overall results!
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Text Box: Impulse adjusting is shown to be effective, more versatile and consistent in a recent study than traditional instrument adjusting. Impulse can also be used for a gentle adjustment for more sensitive people or sensitive areas.
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